E03 – EN – Scary moments in prison for a hacker. #hacker #uruguay #hack24

E03 – EN – Scary moments in prison for a hacker. #hacker #uruguay #hack24

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S01E13 – Scary moments in prison! and Learning new words in your new world!

  Alberto (nofear) from Uruguay 

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There either is or is not

a way things are.


The color of the day.

How it felt to be a child.


The feeling of saltwater

on your sunburned legs.


Sometimes the water is yellow.

Sometimes it's red.


The color in memory

depends on the day.


I won't tell the story

the way it happened.


I'll tell it the

way I remember it.


A true story about a hackers real world. This includes hacking, love and death; even while on prison! This is the story of the first hacker to serve time in prison in #uruguay – This is my story…. Well only a small % of my story. This is the story of Alberto from Uruguay.

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The story is covered in 40 minutes in this great podcast:




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