Ing. Alberto Daniel Hill, PMP, CSX, Hacker – About.

Ing. Alberto Daniel Hill, PMP, CSX, Hacker – About.

Ing. Alberto Daniel Hill, CSX, PMP

Computer Engineer, Project Manager Professional, Cybersecurity Expert, Blockchain Advisor and the media and law enforcement gave me the title of ‘Hacker‘.

Alberto Daniel Hill is a computer engineer with  more than 20 years of experience linked to Information Security (Consulting, IT security, Computer Forensics, Ethical Hacking, Information Security).

He worked in many large companies in Uruguay and provided services for companies in other countries. In 2017, he specialised in the norms ISO/IEC-27000, also on Ethical Hacking and approved several courses related to a wide range of IT Security fields such as computer forensics, as well as an ISO/IEC-20000 specialisation.

He is PMP-certified and has lead many Information Security projects since 2011. He has the Cybersecurity Fundamentals Certificate (CSX) from ISACA, organisation that awarded him with a PLATINIUM membership recognition. The CSX certification in Cybersecurity demonstrates knowledge aligned with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE), which is compatible with global cybersecurity issues, activities and job roles. He has been part of the team of volunteers of the chapter OWASP Uruguay since 2012.

Follow him on twitter: @ADanielHill

This event changed my life. “In Feb 2017, a medical provider in Uruguay got hacked. The attacker stole a bunch of patient records and then used that to conduct extortion on the provider. They said they’d release the records of everyone with HIV unless they get $60,000 worth of bitcoin.
The medical provider worked with the police to catch and arrest Alberto Hill, a 41 year old Uruguayan. Alberto had a ton of hacker paraphernalia and electronic devices at his house.
We’re talking dozens of credit cards, a bunch of hardware bitcoin wallets, thumb drives galore with hacking tools and viruses on them, a credit card writer with a bunch of blank cards, numerous hard drives, computers, routers, printers, and an anonymous mask.
Alberto Hill admitted to hacking into the medical provider, admitted to owning all this equipment, and even admitted to the the police he sent the email. But he claims he’s innocent. Listen to his story and you be the judge on whether he’s guilty or not.
Special thanks to Alberto Hill for sharing his story. Alberto is trying to change legislation in Uruguay and needs your help to do it. He would like you to visit his campaign to see if you can help.”

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