Sun. Jun 16th, 2019

Marisa, I try to raise awareness, force change, protect people.

My name is Alberto Daniel Hill @ADanielHill  and I am from Montevideo, Uruguay, South America.

Just in case you want to know about me:

This is the story that changed my life in, explained in 7 minutes:

If you want to read about 5% of the feedback I got when the world heard my story:


And well, if you would like a masters degree on my case, this is a 40  minute broadcast on it, which is, something people cannot belive and feel the need to contact me and give me their support… its amazing.

well theres plenty of info here:


This is what I want:

The way computer related crimes are investigated in Uruguay does not follow any accepted international standard, does not assure any guarantee of a fair process, and MUST CHANGE.

I want you to send a message, not for me, but mention that everybody should have the guarantees of a fair process, and the way things are done here in computer related crimes, do not supply any guarantee of fairness. Among many violations of my rights, I was not allowed to request a review of the evidence from which the accusation was based on, and they I found out that it was because they did not preserve the evidence!!!

False information conscientiously included in the file of the case.

Please, send a message to Uruguay mentioning the rights of a fair process apply to everobody in the world, and everybody is innocent until proven guilty. Tell them that I am expending all my energies to make the world know my story, and the world is aware of how Uruguay handles this case, in this globalized world, if a systems of a country is violating rights accepted worldwide, they are going to notice it, and its a matter of time before the system is forced to change, so, review the way your handle this cases, and try to identify eventual problems, and fix them, or somebody else will force those fixes.

Thats the concept, you express it in the way you want! Just at the end mention my website and twitter


This is not for the video, but I am working to create a foundation to help people with stories like mine..





Alberto Daniel Hill