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Darknetdiaries.com Episode 25: “Alberto”

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Political News Time – Alberto Daniel Hill aka The Hacker – a REAL LIFE Mr. Robot meets The Matrix


Alex Mayers introduces Alberto Daniel Hill ( @Adanielhill ) aka The Hacker – a man who has gone down in history as the first “hacker” criminally sentenced to prison in Uruguay THOUGH today he is alleging that he was wrongly charged and essentially “set up” by a corrupt South American justice system.

Please visit www.AlbertoHill.com and https://darknetdiaries.com/episode/25/ to learn details about Alberto’s amazing (and true) story – which is set to developed into a movie or multi part Netflix type series.

Click here for part 2 of Alberto’s story (an update) 

Digital Forensics Magazine ISSUE 38


Digital Forensics Magazine ISSUE 39



Operación Bitcoins: Login to HELL (Spanish Edition) Kindle Edition

The book about my story (Spanish).

Primera parte de mi historia, libro en castellano.


Operación Bitcoins: 

Del Infierno a la Resurrección


El hacker uruguayo, consultor en blockchain y seguridad, asociado a la ‘Operación Bitcoin’

CD: Noticias de Bitcoin, Ethereum, ICO, Blockchain y Criptomonedas


Blockchain Uruguay: Pioneros, Expertos y Entusiastas del Ecosistema uruguayo


Thanks to “responsible disclosure” in the jail

The original article is in German, the following text was generated with google translator.

the 35th Chaos Communication Congress #CCC #35C3


My first time “speaking” at one of the largest events in the world regarding to infosec, the 35th Chaos Communication Congress #CCC #35C3 You can hack everything – just do not get caught.

Speakers: Thorsten Schröder and Linus Neumann https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linus_N…

German version of the video, 650k views (July 2020)

Alberto Daniel Hill | Wrongful Imprisonment, Cryptocurrency, Ethical Hacking

End of Days Radio

Alberto Daniel Hill is a writer, hacker, and cryptocurrency expert who is involved in some serious cryptocurrency projects. He is here today to discuss his imprisonment and the media manipulation surrounding the event. Daniel starts off by riffing a bit with Alberto. We learn a little bit about his spirit, philosophy and his approach. They talk back and forth a bit about things like Daniels favorite show Mr. Robot.
Then Alberto begins his story. A story that includes some very foolish behavior by government and media who seemed to know very little about Cyber-Security. Alberto was working as a security consultant in the past and was basically bullied into a false confession by police that were using his closest loved ones as leverage. Alberto not only never committed the crime but was actually trying to help in the first place. The evidence was never presented but Alberto was still imprisoned.

As Daniel listens to the story a picture begins to form in his head. Combined with the fact that information online about Alberto is disappearing, Daniel connects the dots and blurts out what Alberto already knew, that there are some powerful people involved in possibly framing Alberto!

They talk a bit about hacking, the future of Cryptocurrency and what we can all do to help ensure a better tomorrow. http://albertohill.com

Alberto The Uruguayan Hacker – Hispagatos – Comunidad Anarcho Hacker


Lectura sobre la historia de Alberto

Alberto Daniel Hill | A Security Specialists Incredible Battle

End of Days Radio

Alberto Daniel Hill returns to End of Days Radio in style, this time with optional video. Alberto Daniel Hill is a writer, hacker, and cryptocurrency expert who is involved in some serious cryptocurrency projects. He is here today to discuss his imprisonment and the media manipulation.

Daniel asks Alberto to go over the story again which actually leads to a hilarious discussion about 80’s sitcom actor Scott Baio who seems to be quite the character these days. They then move onto the case where Alberto and Daniel speculate about the possible conspiracy surrounding Alberto’s case.

Follow Alberto on Twitter @ADanielHill Daniel comes back from break swinging. He takes a call from Todd and they make fun of Scott Baio together.

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