Satoshi Nakamoto is from Uruguay!

Satoshi Nakamoto: The Mysterious Founder of Bitcoin is from Uruguay!

[1]Satoshi Nakamoto es la persona o grupo de personas que crearon el protocolo Bitcoin y su software de referencia. En 2008, Nakamoto publicó un artículo​​ en la lista de correo de criptografía​ que describía un sistema P2P de dinero digital.

During the raid and in the midst of all the screams of the Interpol people asking me questions about everything they found, questions that were mostly ridiculous, the official Winston Rodríguez, the one who seemed more aggressive in his way of speaking and not stop yelling at me to “stop lying”, he demanded that I tell him where I got the bitcoins from. My answer to your question was that I did it in different ways, the most common of which was in “Local Bitcoins.” When he gave him that answer, he yelled at me not to tease him anymore and tell him the truth, since I couldn’t lie to him on that matter. “I’ve known bitcoins for 10 years,” agent Rodríguez yelled at me (it was September 2017, bitcoins had existed for 8 years). For me this was a display of arrogance combined with ignorance at its best. It is scary to know that such people can determine and mark the future of a person with their actions.

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