15 Minutes of Shame – Making sure #abusers mean it when they apologize. Scott Baio.

15 Minutes of Shame

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Just a rapper with a mom who survived abuse. I hate abusers. YouTube @ DJ Letchscott Bridges blocked by geriatric has been losers

@toddbridges & @scottbaio

Making sure #abusers mean it when they apologize.

This song is regarding the what happened between Nicole Eggert and Scott Baio.  One talented rapper, one deep message in a song. 

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Justice Abusers Sexual Offenders, if you are a victim, you are not alone.

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LOS ANGELES — A former “Charles in Charge” actor says Scott Baio assaulted and “mentally tortured” him during their time together on the show in the 1980s.

Alexander Polinsky made the allegations Wednesday in Los Angeles during a news conference.

Polinsky says Baio exposed himself, talked about gay sex acts with the young actor and once threw a hot cup of tea in his face.

Another “Charles in Charge” star, Nicole Eggert, came forward last month with claims that Baio sexually assaulted her when she was a minor while they worked together on the hit show.

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