Alberto Daniel Hill aka The Hacker a REAL LIFE Mr Robot meets The Matrix.

This morning, I am very excited and very honored, actually, to have the opportunity to introduce all of you, my audience and my listeners, to a very special, very unique, very brave, and very resilient person. A survivor, actually. Somebody known as Alberto Daniel Hill of Uruguay. Yes, we are going international today. Um, over the past couple of days, I have been familiarized with an amazing story. And when it comes to amazing stories, that's me. I'm all about adventure, mystery, um, anything having to do with technology and how our world is evolving. But um, I got a follow request out of the blue, seemingly out of the blue at least. Maybe not really out of the blue from Alberto. And I'll tell you, the moment that I saw his photo, he looks a little bit like Robert De Niro. Very striking man. But um, upon taking a look at his website, which all of you I really encourage you to check out. It's And you can familiarize yourself with Alberto yourself if you pop on over to and click on the most recent entry. But Alberto, he uh, he's lived an amazing story. He really has. It's not just a story. This isn't fictitious. What I'm about to delve into is his life. This is reality. His story should be made into a movie or at least a multi-part Netflix series because it is that compelling. I have not been this excited over a person's situation and how they are coming back from that situation in a very long time. And those of you who have followed me for a long time, you know how I am. So anyway, um, I noticed that Alberto had um an episode over on something called the Darknet Diaries.

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