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“Login to Hell, The Final Version”


Disclaimer: This copy, a harbinger of the odyssey that lies ahead is a token of appreciation, a beckoning whisper, inviting you to immerse yourself in the intimate, powerful, and transformative narrative that awaits you in “Login to Hell, The Final Version.”


Within the hallowed pages of this epic journey lie fifteen sacred scrolls. Rare and coveted, each of the copies is woven with a unique tapestry of words, custom-made to captivate the hearts of those who have walked alongside my quest for truth and redemption. These beloved supporters, pre-ordering the book or raising the pillars with their contributions, shall soon receive their own tailored masterpiece – but not before this heartfelt tribute to their unwavering belief in me.


This generic rendition of the first release attempts to encapsulate the essence of strength and determination, borne from the crucible of adversity. Seamlessly blending from the depths of despair to whispers of hope and redemption, this version illuminates the journey of the protagonist, encouraging the readers to tap into their own inner fortitude and unbroken genius.


While the darkness of “Login to Hell, The Final Version” looms, casting its shadows, allow this copy to serve as a bridge connecting you to the world of resilience, personal growth, and human triumph that awaits. Each word, stitched together with love and gratitude, is my ode to your unwavering support, as we together strive to inspire countless others to find their unyielding spirit within.



These exclusive volumes offer a dynamic exploration into tales that breathe resilience and personal growth. The robust narratives embedded within these pages subtly pull at the heartstrings, unfurling the potency of real-life experiences. Such immersive storytelling not only emphasizes the protagonist’s enduring spirit through adversity but inspires readers to tap into their inner strength and determination. The narrative carefully juxtaposes somber moments with hopeful undertones for balance, inviting a resurgence of hope and redemption.


# Alberto Daniel Hill NFT Collection Disclaimer


All the AI-generated artworks as well as any other kind of image included in this book, “Login to Hell, The Final Edition” series are credited as part of an Alberto Daniel Hill #NFT Collection. Please note that each AI-generated piece exists in a limited edition of 505 tokens.


Other images, photographs, artwork, in particular photographs of certain people,  were taken from public resources, mostly from the media and from the file of my case.


These tokens are securely stored within Alberto Daniel Hill’s official account on objkt.com, which represents one of the largest digital art and collectible marketplaces on Tezos. It is recommended that all potential buyers and interested parties refer directly to this account for authentication and acquisition.


Please ensure you have correctly verified the source and availability of tokens before initiating any transactions to safeguard the value and integrity of your digital art investments.

A Legal Disclaimer


This book, an unwrapped manifestation of my journey, threads together the very fibers of my existence. It is paramount to underline that this narrative is anchored in truth; each word a fossilized record, each paragraph a testament to trials I, the copyright holder, traversed. The story unfolding across these pages is a personal chronicle – it is as authentic as my endurance and dauntless spirit they mirror.


Police documentation, media coverage, and the thickening plot weaved within the labyrinth of the criminal case file – all stand steadfast and stark, the ever present sentinels attesting my ownership and lived experience of the riveting tale inked in this book.


Delving deeper, we encounter the legal boundaries shadowing the captivating lands of Uruguay. A law clearly etched in the firmament of legality prohibits the acquisition of visuals – be it in the form of photographs or video recordings, from within the iron-clad confines of its prisons.


It is crucial to assert that I have remained untouched by any act of producing, capturing, or contributing to any variety of content that may have originated within the restricted perimeters of Uruguayan prison walls. My engagement and association are strictly limited to the narrative burning within these pages – my flame of resilience, illuminating the course of my past, fostering the beacon of hope for many.


An invitation thus stands, stretching wide across the bridge connecting legality and the unparalleled spirit of persistence, inviting you to partake in this journey. By opening this book, you affirm my lived experiences against the backdrop of revealed truths and veiled realities, acknowledge the legal borders surrounding the tale, and step into a resilient saga of an unbroken spirit.