Fund the production of high quality commercial content based on my hacking story

What guarantees do you have that I will not disappear with the money and don’t use it for funding the project?

As in information security professional, my most valuable asset is my reputation. You know who I am, everything about me is public and you can request it and get it. I am risking my whole career, my whole professional life and reputation. I risking more than 20 years of hard work and recognition in the industry. Not doing what I am promising I will do not only will be a crime, a fraud but will be a stupid thing for me to do. I will destroy my life forever doing that. Yes, I can disappear, but you should assume I am smarter than that or just don’t risk getting involved in this project. At the same time, never ever put money you cannot afford to loose in any kind of venture like this one. Please, invest wisely.

What if the money spent is not enough to cover all the costs of the project?

I am assuming things will work out fine. But that is not what usually happens. As a project, what can be done as an strategy to treat that risk is, is reduce the scope in order to produce something that can generate income. That might not work, I will lose money and I will assume the losses with the assets I posses and are going to be made public shortly. That is a limited source of money, about 100.000 USD.

These ROIs are only in this initial stage 0 and will last for a few days. As soon as the projects kicks off, the ROI is going to be lower. Feel free to wait, research, ask, basically do your homework before getting involved, specially if you are only interested on the interest you will get and not on the core concept and objective behind this project.

In case you don’t know my story, you can find a 40 minute podcast about it: