In 2017, in Uruguay, the Police arrested Alberto Hill, a 41 year old Uruguayan.

Alberto Daniel Hill is known as the first hacker to be arrested in Uruguay. His story began when he accessed a hospital’s computer system to find his girlfriend’s medical records[2%5E]. From that point on, things escalated exponentially.

He was eventually arrested and imprisoned for allegedly hacking a major medical provider in Uruguay and stealing patient records. The attackers demanded a ransom of 60,000 dollars worth of bitcoin to prevent the release of HIV patients’ records[1%5E].

Hill consistently maintained his innocence, insisting that he was wrongly convicted for a crime he did not commit[1%5E]. His story has been featured on various platforms, with Hill arguing his case without concrete evidence to prove his guilt[3%5E].

To learn more about Alberto Daniel Hill’s arrest story, it’s recommended to listen to Episode 25 of Darknet Diaries, where his side of the story is explored[1%5E].


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